Welcome to our studio! We love the creativity and expression of photography! Katie and I would love the chance to share our passion with you!  We will strive to produce timeless heirlooms for you and your family that are cherished year after year.

My interest in photography began as a child with my first Kodak Instamatic camera. I continued to shoot film for years until digital photography revolutionized the way we see and produce images. I have been shooting again with a new found passion in the last several years brought on by the advent of new high-resolution cameras coupled with incredibly sharp optics that produce stunning imagery. My photographic interests are many, but I have a special interest in HDR (High Dynamic Range), studio and composite HDR portraiture, wedding, equine, and landscape photography. 

My love for photography began shooting for friends and family at a young age. While I enjoy all aspects of photography, I love capturing the ever-changing  expression of children, the love shared between two people, and the extraordinarily unique personalities within everyone. My true passion is capturing a women's inner beauty that is all her own with fashion photography, while incorporating a more romantic, sensual feel to her beauty with boudoir photography. 

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