For more than 2 people, an assistant will be needed. The price will increase the cost to $100 per hour for additional time. We recommend a french manicure or a natural nail finish because most studio photography will include close up shots with hands.

For longer sessions, the price is $125 for the first hour for hair and makeup per person. Then $50 per hour for touch ups, style changes and/or makeup adjustments.

Example: 1 person for 2 hours               2 people for a 4 hour session

              $125 + $50 = $175                   $250  + $150  = 400

Stylist Prices

​Styling - $60.00         Airbrush - $65.00

Melanie has over 17 years of experience in the cosmetology field. She began doing Airbrush makeup in 2010. She has worked at Imago Hair Salon and Day Spa, Gallery J and Aiken School of Cosmetology, where she is still employed. She teaches professional continuing education classes for Cosmetologist and Cosmetology Instructors of South Carolina. 

Melanie Thigpen - stylist/makeup artist

Before and After